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In a few short weeks we will be making a big step in the development of One Good Thing when we expand into the UK market by adding the option to buy in pounds to our site. In anticipation of this new step, we’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s going on with sustainability in the UK right now to find out where all the ‘good things’ are happening. If you plan to spend any time in the UK this summer and are on the look out for things to do, we’ve put together a few ideas of events, exhibitions and places to eat that share the One Good Thing ethos.


Educating the Next Generation

If you love the great outdoors and want to make the most of the Great British Summer, assemble the kids, gather your friends and head on down to Somerset to enjoy the fifth annual Valley Fest in all its natural glory. As the UK’s only organic festival, it takes places on a working organic farm overlooking the Chew Valley Lake on 3rd to 5th August.

As education is such a key part of sustaining positive change, we’re keen on highlighting this family-friendly event because there’s a great focus on encouraging kids to learn about farming and where their food comes from whilst enjoying the very best that nature has to offer. There’s also the chance to meet farm animals, pick vegetables, play on vintage tractors and enjoy the pop-up entertainment. And that’s just for the kids.

crowds enjoying the valley fest

If you can’t make the festival, then there’s a year-round opportunity to recreate this hands-on learning environment at the Forty Hill Farm in East London. Run by an environmental college, this organic farm works hard to promote sustainable food production with educational courses, a community-run market garden, and a busy calendar of family-friendly events.

If you’d like some more inspiration on how to teach your kids about sustainability, our recent blog post will provide plenty of ideas on how to keep things fun whilst still retaining that informative aspect for kids of all ages.


Protecting our Oceans

Back to the subject at hand, and while there is plenty going on around the UK when it comes to sustainability, the city of London is inevitably the location where some of the most exciting developments are taking place. You may have already heard of the Plastic Pollution Coalition and all the good work that they are doing including the Last Plastic Straw Movement which fast gained traction right here in the UAE as well as further afield on a global scale.

Cleaning up our oceans is a cause that we firmly believe in and, as such, one of our partners – Bureo – is entirely focused on cleaning our oceans and minimising marine pollution by rescuing old plastic fishing nets before they are thrown back into the sea.

In line with this vision to clean up the world both above and below the water, we’ll be heading over to James Knight at Selfridges during our trip to enjoy exquisite sustainable fish and seafood with a strict dedication to ethical sourcing. As the registered supplier to the Queen and Prince Charles, this wholly British experience includes delicious dishes such as tiger prawns (approved by the Marine Stewardship Council, of course).

As you will already know if you checked into our two-part blog series behind the scenes at One Good Thing, we are great food lovers so this is part of the trip that we are very much looking forward to.

If you’re lucky on your visit to James Knight, you’ll also be able to catch one of the sporadic brand workshops that fill customers in all on the latest issues surrounding our oceans. As you can see, making conscious decisions is super-easy once you know how, plus it’s a great way of discovering some hidden gems either in your local city or on your travels.

Luxury Meets Sustainability

As a platform, One Good Thing is committed to providing that perfect balance and blend between luxury and sustainability. We want to show the world that it is entirely possible – and, in fact, fairly easy once you know the right people and the places – to enjoy all the luxuries of high-end fashion, design and accessories whilst retaining a commitment to shopping consciously.

This is a topic that remains high on the environmental awareness agenda and, as such, we highly recommend this inspirational seminar taking place in September headed up by Bernie de Le Cuona at her eponymous showroom.

As the head of a luxury interior textiles brand with a 25-year heritage, she is taking a new direction in collaboration with Waldo Works. In a talk entitled “Material and Sustainability: creating a sensorial environment”, de Le Cuona and Tom Bartlett will talk about their focus on working closely with the highest quality raw natural materials using artisanal processes to create the next generation of fabric house.

It just goes to show how conscious decisions are becoming less an afterthought and more a focal point in B2C strategies, which marks a major step forward for all things sustainable within the luxury sphere and beyond.


Entirely Natural Beauty

And while we’re on the fashion route, you may also like to check out this Fashioned from Nature exhibition taking place at the V&A. It’s on until January 2019 so there’s no great rush, but when you do arrive you’ll be greeted by a world-class exhibition.

The first part covers clothing inspired by the beauty of nature, from 1600 up to the present day.

In the second section, you will see a stark portrayal of how fashion has exploited the natural world with ethically questionable materials.

Finally, the exhibition takes a modern-day focus with a treasure trove of present-day brands working with new technologies to prove just how fashionable – and beautiful – it can be to wear sustainable clothing.

With this ethos one that our One Good Thing partners hold close, there’s plenty of fun to be had right here at our shop if you simply cannot wait to discover something that celebrates the natural beauty and sustainable future of our world.

We hope you have enjoyed this taster of what’s going on in the UK sustainable landscape! Don’t forget stay in touch with One Good Thing on Facebook and Instagram, and be the first to hear all the latest brand updates and breaking news from the global sustainability landscape.

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