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It feels great to be back home in the UAE and as September approaches, we’re looking forward to the ever so slightly less oppressive temperatures. This shift in temperature also brings about one of the UAE’s favourite pastimes: camping.

This is one of the best parts of the world to escape into the great outdoors and set up camp far away from the bright lights of the city. We love the peace and quiet that camping brings as well as that back to basics style of living that gives a very different sort of respite to that which most of us hardworking folk usually have the chance to enjoy.

Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment

As any budding or seasoned camper will know, your experience is only as good as your equipment. It can feel pretty rough getting away from it all only to discover that your survival kit is a little lacklustre.

Our partner, Biolite, taps nicely into this need with a hefty helping of doing “one good thing”. They offer great camping products for those of us that enjoy spending time outdoors while also highlighting and helping those of us who are forced to live off-grid because they have no other option.

With a focus on supporting those in the most remote corners of India and Africa, Biolite sell innovative, fuel-independent outdoor equipment products where every purchase helps to bring clean cooking and energy to those in desperate need, facilitate access to cleaner air across the planet and offset thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide.

selection of biotite ethical camping products


There are currently 600,000 fatalities per year in Africa caused by indoor air pollution and the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking, which simply shows that change cannot come quickly enough. Collecting firewood also contributes to deforestation, creating a vicious circle of environmental and human catastrophic damage that needs to be broken. Biolite’s stoves tackle that problem by producing much less of that harmfull smoke whilst cooking.

Cooking and Charging your Smartphone

Among their most popular products, the Base Camp converts heat into usable electricity for large-format cooking and charging. You can cook up a storm whilst charging your portable devices for a smart and extremely handy alternative to fossil-fuelled stoves.

As the sunlight is a very abundant resource in our part of the World, it makes sense to make as much use of it as possible. These lightweight and portable solar panels enable you to keep your equipment fully charged and at the ready even when you don’t have access to a plug.

Another of BioLite’s key innovations is their Power Bank Charge which is made using a super thin and durable stainless steel design to provide power in a sleek, weather-resistant and eco-friendly way. It has a power supply great enough to charge two full phones, lights, Fitbits, or any other gear you need to keep your camping weekend going.

biolite portable solar panel

Lighting Up Off the Grid

BioLite’s collections and work emphasise that energy is a fundamental human need, but more than half the planet lacks access to safe, reliable ways to cook, charge and light their lives off the grid. The issue of energy poverty means that these people without access to clean energy have no option to live sustainably and a vicious (dirty energy) circle is created.

Initiatives like BioLite help to transform energy poverty into energy access and restriction into choice.

It also enables those of us who choose to live temporarily off the grid, perhaps with weekends spent camping in the UAE, to make sustainable decisions about how we live our lives.

While BioLite’s work is making major progress along the clean energy road, there are plenty of other great moves being made. California-born initiative We Care Solar literally provide the power to save lives by providing highly efficient solar energy systems to health facilities in areas without reliable electricity. To date, they have trained more than 11,000 health care workers and served 1,572,999 mothers and babies in need.

solar suitcase in use in Tanzania from we care solar

image from wecaresolar.org

The Distributed Energy Technologies

The landscape at large is also looking far more positive as the cost of key energy technologies – including LED lighting and solar PV – has dropped dramatically. This change has taken place within a wider positive context where the improved performance and decreasing cost of distributed energy technologies has created a vehicle for positive social change and made access to clean energy even closer a reality for more isolated communities.

The development of increasingly less complex and portable decentralised energy systems also means that the potential for sharing clean energy is growing stronger every day. For now, you can click here to browse the BioLite collections and discover the very best in camping equipment to support those weekends spent off the grid. And you can also be confident in the knowledge that your purchase helps everyone in the world to breathe cleaner air and access reliable, affordable electricity.

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