Sustainable and ethical gifts for all occasions

  • front image of etuix recycled billboard make up pouchNew

    Etuix Billboard Make-Up Bag


    A small pouch bag designed to carry around all your little essentials without having to worry about spillages or losing them in the bottom of your bag. Big enough to…

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  • Etuix recycled billboard sports bag

    Etuix Billboard Sports Bag


    A truly unique sports bag made from recycled Dubai billboards and with handles made from car seat belts. A roomy central compartment with plenty of space for all your sports…

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  • ethically made recycled billboard Etuix messenger bagHot

    Etuix Billboard Messenger Bag


    A great and versatile messenger bag, perfect for college or work..or being a messenger. Plenty of room for your laptop, books and important documents. The internal compartment is reinforced so…

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  • granny finest Eliza scarf in greyHot

    Scarf ‘Eliza’


    A heavy stuffed cotton knit that's machine washable for extra convenience. Knitted by grannies in the Netherlands especially for you!

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  • granny finest Marie scarf in cream

    Scarf ‘Marie’


    A nice chunky-knit scarf to keep out the cold. Knitted by grannies in the Netherlands especially for you!

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  • ethically made granny finest navy blue Ruud Scarf

    Scarf ‘Ruud’


    A fine-knit scarf made from 100% pure merino wool. designed to keep you cosy in the colder weather without getting too hot around the collar. knitted by grannies in the…

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  • ethically made granny finest Adrie beanie hat in navy blue

    Beanie Hat ‘Adrie’


    If you like a slightly chunkier knit to your beanie then this is the one for you. Handmade by dutch grannies from the finest Merino wool and featuring the signature Granny's Finest…

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  • ethically made Burgundy Beau beanie hat from Granny's Finest

    Beanie Hat ‘Beau’


    Handmade from the finest Merino wool so it won’t make your head itch, but it will keep your ears warm. These are two of the major requirements for any beanie. The other…

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  • grey sam beanie hat. ethically made by grannies finestHot

    Beanie Hat ‘Sam’


    A very versatile and warm hat that can be worn in several ways (mainly two ways to be honest: rolled up or un-rolled but feel free to invent some more)…

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  • plan toys ethically made wooden delivery bikekids playing on ethically and sustainably made plan toys delivery bike

    Delivery Bike


    There are times when you need an extra vehicle around the house to make sure that those special deliveries get to their destination on time. How else will you ensure…

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  • wooden marble run construction set from plan toys

    Marble Run Deluxe


    Who doesn't love building a marble run? There's something deep in the fabric of human nature that loves to see a marble make its merry way down a chute of…

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  • plan toys ethically made cactus toyHot

    Balancing Cactus

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This fun balancing and building game will challenge kids to build up the cactus by adding branches and flowers one by one until it’s complete (or it falls over). It…

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