elvis and kresse ethically made firehose triple card wallet
ethically made firehose triple card wallet on table
side view of ethically made elvis and kresse firehose card holder
flat view of elvis and kresse firehose card wallet
ethically made recycled firehose card wallet pictured on wooden table
elvis and kresse firehose triple card holder pictured next to a cup of coffee

Triple Cardholder

250 AED

This Elvis & Kresse triple cardholder is made from re-used London fire hose that has seen active duty for up to 20 years has now been given a new lease of life as this sleek and compact card holder. If you are trying to down-size from a bulky wallet or need an alternative wallet that works for a night out, this one is perfect. You can fit three cards on each side, a bit of cash and your front door key without any trouble and as a conversation piece you’d be hard pushed to beat a wallet made of fire hose. The material is (of course) waterproof so will be able to handle any spillages that might occur.

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The raw materials that go into making this product have been rescued and reused..
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  • Ethically and sustainably made using genuine British fire-hose.
  • Lining made from military-grade parachute silk.
  • Robust construction.
  •  H 6.5 x W 10 x D 0.3 cm
  • Wipe-clean.
  • Water resistant.
Shipping to Cost Estimated Delivery Time
UAE (fully tracked) 60 AED 3-5 Working days
Europe 20 AED 3-5 Working days
Rest of The World (fully tracked) 60 AED 3-5 Working days


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