donating socks to school kids in South Africa

Bamboo Socks

A Sock for a Sock

Transforming the concept of cold feet one pair of socks at time, Sexy Socks stand comfortably at the crossroads of fashion and social conscience, offering stylish socks to brighten everyone’s day with every purchase seeing a child in the South African townships given a pair of school socks.

Every pair of socks is crafted using unique bamboo fibres for a super-soft feel along with outrageous designs and bright colours for a stylish impact. Sexy Socks work to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship among the people of South Africa and propel positive change whilst keeping everyone’s toes warm.

Sock it to Me

Purchasing a pair of socks from One Good Thing & Sexy Socks means taking steps in the right direction towards social change and giving back to those in need. You will enjoy a pair of luxurious socks made from bamboo fibres to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summerwith anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe qualities. Every pair of socks is both stretchy and fitted for the ultimate comfort and long-lasting wear.

With your pair of socks, you are supporting the children of South Africa in gaining a better education. Warmer toes make it easier to concentrate at school, which means that those children who cannot afford the very basic necessities, like socks to keep their feet warm, are given a second chance for more learning and an education that will set them up for life.

With Sexy Socks committed to the idea of a-sock-for-a-sock, your purchase will help to warm the toes of South Africa’s poorest children on cold winter’s mornings. You are supporting a mission and sustainable business model that enables South Africans to give back to their country and make social entrepreneurship a priority instead of an option.

Starting on the Right Foot

The foundations of Sexy Socks were laid back in 2014 in South Africa by a man named Dave. It reads a little like a storybook, but it all began when Dave was woken from his afternoon nap by a homeless man knocking at his front door. The man was cold, wet and very hungry, so Dave welcomed him inside with a meal and some dry clothes. But Dave couldn’t help but think just how many more people there were living on the streets or in a shack of South Africa without access to fundamental human needs such as warmth and safety.

On a mission to use business to make positive change coupled with a passion for “nice things”, Dave founded Sexy Socks. Along with a commitment to providing free school socks to every child in South Africa’s township schools, the socks drops give the social enterprise a platform to talk directly with children about social entrepreneurship. This means Sexy Socks are working to empower the next generations to give back to their country and make South Africa a better place to live for everyone.

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