Positive Energy

Energy is a fundamental human need yet more than half the planet lacks access to safe, reliable ways to cook, charge and light their lives off the grid. But that’s all starting to change. BioLite transforms smoky open-fire cooking and kerosene lighting into clean energy solutions, replacing energy poverty with energy access.

They provide outdoor enthusiasts with innovative, fuel-independent products that offer a high performance, great design and stylish credentials with the added bonus of making a positive global impact. BioLite transforms restriction into choice by offering consumers the opportunity to make sustainable everyday choices where all profits are reinvested into bringing safe, affordable energy to families in India and Africa.


A Chain Of Empowerment

By purchasing BioLite products and going off the grid, you are supporting people in the most remote corners of the globe who have no choice but to live off grid.

By choosing to buy your gadgets from a company that offset their entire CO2 emissions with their very first product, you are part of a network that enables individuals and families to support their own economic development.

Thanks to your BioLite purchase, families will be provided with their own Campstove to help them breathe cleaner air and access reliable, affordable electricity to recharge their mobile devices.

BioLite not only helps those in poorer nations – their impact is tangible on a global scale. BioLite have already given more than 100,000 people access to cleaner air and offset more than 126,00o tonnes of carbon dioxide, making our world a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Happy Campers

If we had a problem, we would be sure to approach Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond because these guys don’t just come up with great solutions, they put them into action.

The BioLite co-founders and camping enthusiasts first met in New York City, where they bonded over an interest in sustainable design. It soon emerged that both harboured a frustration with fossil-fuel burning camping equipment and the poor global approach to energy management. There was a gap in the market for a business that would bring new technology to people who needed it the most and these guys were determined to fill it.

An engineering background and many hours creating prototypes led to the creation of the BioLite CampStove. This was a model that responded to real-world market demands in a sustainable way and began the BioLite commitment to solving the challenge of energy poverty. Today, the company has more than 20 products using innovative solutions to revolutionise the way people experience energy.

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