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Survival Mode

We all have our own stories but sometimes, somebody else tries to tell our tale. BRANDED Collective works with survivors of human trafficking, many of whom who have been physically branded by their captors. Every BRANDED Collective cuff is made by, and marked with the initials of women who have survived these horrors and risen above the branding to bring beauty to the world and to their own lives.

By wearing a cuff branded with a unique number that represents one of the millions of people trapped in the trafficking nightmare, you are supporting current and former victims by sharing their story and changing it into something beautiful.

BRANDED Collective remind us to “wear a number to restore a name.” While you enjoy exquisite, striking jewellery made with luxurious and durable materials, you are helping those who have been through unimaginable horror to transform the concept of being branded into something to be proud of.

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Pursuing Freedom

When you choose to buy a piece of jewellery from Branded Collective, slip it on and take a look in the mirror. You are now part of an abolitionist community. While you enjoy beautifully crafted jewellery that is made to last, you are also helping to increase awareness of a serious issue and share an important story.

Your purchase marks an investment into a business that is dedicated to producing consistently high quality and beautiful products and a business that empowers survivors of human trafficking through meaningful employment that provides them with the skills necessary for economic independence. As BRANDED co-founder Emily states, “I have a love of wearing things that not only look good and feel good but in their very essence are good.”

Survivors are employed to create the products, giving them a stable work environment and support network as well as a reference for future jobs. Each former victim works in tandem with local artisans to handcraft the jewellery collection, with 25% of profits invested into the rescue and rehabilitation of survivors.

Every piece of jewellery offers valuable support to a business truly invested in environmental protection and local production processes that meets strict labour-law standards. Every piece of jewellery is crafted from 100% upcycled American-mined metals sourced from a family-run company in Arizona.

Your BRANDED Collective jewellery promotes the values of kindness and integrity whilst empowering survivors to overcome trauma, rediscover their ambitions and gain the means and motivation to follow their dreams.

Fresh New Branding

Many wellness experts recommend taking a long walk in the fresh air to give you a sense of perspective and it was on a hike in the woods that the idea for BRANDED Collective was born. Nashville-based Emily Landham and Lauren Carpenter began the conversation talking about dreams and ended with the idea to give something back to victims of human trafficking in their hometown.

Both women were horrified to learn that 17,500 people are trafficked into the US every year, many of which are bound for Emily and Lauren’s home state of Tennessee.

BRANDED Collective began life in 2012 under the name t-615 as a collective of artisans with the aim to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking victims. As just 0.4 percent of the estimated victims of trafficking internationally have been officially identified, the business is also focused on providing restoration.

Lauren & Emily crowdfunded to build the website, selling 100 cuffs to raise $10,000. Once business was up and running, they added a range of cotton shirts but the cuffs were the real bestseller. A business model revamp followed in 2015 with a new name – BRANDED Collective –and a sole focus on jewellery. Sales soared and 27,000 BRANDED cuffs have been sold to date. Each one is beautifully hand sanded, stamped, and polished by victims of human trafficking.

As Emily said, “We wanted to create a tribute, a tribe committed to ethical fashion and radical generosity.”

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