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Untangling the Net

While fishing is the lifeblood for communities around the world, the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans is all too real. This is where Bureo comes in. Based in Los Angeles and Chile, working with a process from the sea to the streets, this pioneering business rescues plastic fishing nets before they reach the ocean and recycles them to create high-quality skateboards and leisure equipment.

With every product made from this highly recyclable and durable raw materials, the old fishing nets gain a new lease of life, leaving behind their time at sea to head in a new direction on land. Each product features a stylish design and structure that pays tribute to a passion for the ocean and a respect for our environment whilst offering an innovative solution to prevent ocean plastics.

Co-founder Ben Kneppers explains, “We set out to make a skateboard that has the closest feeling to surfing in the ocean, made from materials that are literally keeping our oceans cleaner.” By providing a recycled product with a trendy yet timeless design, quality craftsmanship and consistent performance, Bureo is proving the power of sustainable products and working to challenge and transform our perceptions of luxury.

lifestyle shot of skater using burro board in Chile
fisherman in Chile

Skateboarding into Sustainability

When you make the choice to purchase products from OneGoodThing & Bureo, you are not only set to enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment of a world-class product, your decision also sets the wheels in motion to fight the problem of plastic pollution and make our waters cleaner for future generations.

Every Bureo customer will enjoy products and a lifestyle that is made to last, whilst doing their bit to protect our oceans and our planet, supporting local communities for a more conscious outlook.

Discarded fishing nets make up 10% of plastic pollution in the ocean and represent the biggest waste threat to marine life. Your Bureo purchase is working to increase the lifecycle of virgin materials as well as keep harmful toxins out of the water and off our beaches, protecting marine mammals, ecosystems and human life. To date, the Bureo programs have recycled more than 80,000 kilograms of discarded materials and your purchase is part of that progress.

While you will enjoy a high-performance product designed by industry-leading experts, your Bureo purchase is dedicated to supporting local Chilean communities in every aspect and making a positive impact at every stage of their supply chain.  Local community managers oversee the collection process and get paid for their efforts, supporting growth and gainful employment.

Making Waves

For every kilogram of net that is collected – with 30 square feet of harvested fishing nets used for each skateboard – Bureo allocates funds, which are directed towards a local nonprofit, Fundacion El Arbol, working on environmental projects in local communities.

Everything Bureo makes is made in Chile using the team’s ‘Net Positiva’ initiative and the country’s first ever fishnet and recycling program. By employing low-income workers in coastal areas and providing local fishermen with responsible and environmentally sound net disposal points in return for cash, Bureo incentivise environmental initiatives and shift perceptions around sustainability and waste whilst supporting invaluable social initiatives.

Bureo is offering the highest quality standards and innovative products whilst working to encourage sustainable product design across the board. They also provide educational programs in Chile and North America to show young people how they can become part of the movement towards cleaner oceans and change the world for future generations.

A recent partnership with Futures has seen Bureo develop outwards to create performance surf fins from discarded fishing nets, proving that your purchase exists as part of a consistently growing social and environmentally conscious movement.

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