Spinning the Wheel

As the global population produces 3.5 million tonnes of solid waste every single day, Charicycles grabs the handlebars and turns the wheels in a different direction. By upcycling vintage Japanese bike frames to create new rides and supply bicycles to children in refugee camps across the Middle East, they transform trash into treasure and restriction into freedom of movement.

We love how every bicycle is made for beauty, functionality and sustainability to promote healthier lifestyles, reduce waste and conserve the environment. With each frame up to a century old, Charicycles transform vintage into modern using new components and original aesthetics to create a top-quality ride.

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Child’s Play

Every Charicycles customer like you is directly supporting a sustainable business model focused on reducing waste, saving natural resources and improving the lives of child refugees in the world around us. For every five bikes sold through Charicycles, a child in a refugee camp is given their own bicycle. Your bicycle is setting other wheels in motion as your purchase allows these children to ride to school, rediscover the innocence of childhood, and gain a good education for a brighter future.

Charicycles champion the concept of giving back to support both individuals and the public at large by working to build a community that promotes cycling over driving through accessible, attractive products. Your Charicycle looks and feels good by operating on a clean energy model using an eco-friendly dynamo light powered by the wheel spinning motion with no need for a battery.

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On the Move

When sisters and keen cyclists Zaina and Rania Kanaan moved from Canada to Dubai, they quickly found that it was difficult to find a bicycle with a great design and realistic price tag. So Zaina made her own.

“From then on, whenever she rode it, everybody started asking us where we got it from,” said Rania, “and we quickly realised there was a market opportunity.”

Shortly afterwards, a stylist contacted Zaina and asked to borrow her bike for a photoshoot with a famous Bollywood actress. The wheels were in motion but Zaina couldn’t ignore the other pull she felt. “When I volunteer in refugee camps, I ask kids what they want and they never say they want a sweater or money. They want a bike because it gives them freedom.”

Struck by the lack of mobility in these camps, the idea for a social cycling concept completed the sisters’ business plan. Charicycles was founded in October 2014.

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Stories-Charicycles On The Move
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