biolite power banks for erthical and sustainable corporate gifting

Corporate Gifting

Treat your employees, teams, and clients to imaginative, ethically made gifts that give back.


Choose from our wide selection of handmade and ethical accessories that reflect your corporate values on sustainability.
Each gift is accompanied by a personalised, handwritten note that describes the social or environmental impact made by its purchase.


example of ethical corporate gifting from one good thing

For The Workplace

Satellite bluetooth speakers, made from reclaimed wood. Every purchase provides hearing aids to someone in need.
Also in this collection: Laptop cases and cufflinks made from fire hoses, city maps weaved from old cassette tapes.


Travel Inspired

Wash bags made from 25 year old decommissioned fire hoses. Every purchase directly reduces landfill waste.
Also in this collection: laptop covers made from rice sacks, power bank that provides clean energy to remote parts of the world


ethivally made fire hose wash bag - ideal for corporate gift
jenga made from fishing nets as a corporate gift

The Lighter Side

Everybody’s favourite Jenga, with a new, sustainable twist. Made from discarded fishing nets, each purchase reduces the risk to ocean life.
Also in this collection: frisbees made from fishing nets, bamboo socks providing access to education, and bags made from upcycled fashion


  • Folio/Laptop Case

    Made from London fire hose
    395 AED

    Folio and 13” Laptop case – The outer skin of the folio is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose and is extremely hard wearing. There is also an additional layer of closed cell foam and the lining is reclaimed parachute silk, offering ultimate protection to your laptop. Available in red and the more rare yellow fire-hose.

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  • Jenga Ocean

    Made from fishing nets
    215 AED

    Let’s face it, everyone loves playing Jenga. This special edition is made entirely from recycled fishing nets and is now available through One Good Thing.  It takes over 25 square feet of fishing net to create one of these sets, so that’s 25 feet of net that you’ve saved from polluting the ocean simply by buying this great game. When you consider that 10% of all ocean plastic is made up of fishing nets, this is a great way to make an impact.


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  • LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker

    Provides hearing aids
    365 AED

    This stylish speaker’s genuine wood casing ensures each one is unique and provides premium quality sound in a compact unit.  At less than 8 cm tall, you can really take it anywhere and with up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can always be the life and soul of the party. You can also take calls wherever you are without missing a beat with the built-in speakerphone capabilities.

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  • Print Room Wallet

    Made from London fire hose
    355 AED

    The exterior of this Elvis & Kresse Print Room Wallet is made rescued printing blankets and the inside sections are created from re-used London fire hose that has seen active duty for up to 20 years has been given a new lease of life as this sleek and compact wallet. There’s room for 4 cards on each side with extra space for business cards or a key. The materials used are water resistant so will be able to handle any spillages that might occur.

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