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From the Scrap Heap to the Classroom

Where in the world you are born should not impact on your right to an education and Elephant Branded are working to make sure every child is given the best opportunity to learn. Working with local villagers in Cambodia, South Africa and Colombia, they support global education by transforming local scrap materials into ethically made accessories.

Recycled cement bags, rice sacks, motor bike seat covers and inner tube tyres are transformed into backpacks, laptop cases, pencil cases and wallets, with a portion of all profits used to provide children in Africa and Asia with school bags and kits to support their learning and growth.

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One Elephant, One Impact

If you want to change the lives of children who lack access to basic school equipment, then buying from Elephant Branded is the way to go. For every product sold, Elephant Branded donates a school bag and kit to a child in Africa or Asia to give them a chance at a better education. While these children would previously have struggled to find a pencil and workbook to complete even the simplest task to support their education, with your help they can move forward and learn unhindered.

Elephant Branded supports long-term, sustainable change on both sides of the coin – for the communities that produce the products and the children that receive the school kits.

Your purchases have all been made possible by local villagers who are employed to source the materials and create the products. Each maker earns a fair wage and the opportunity to develop new skills that ultimately provide an effective way to escape the cycle of poverty.

Designing a Sustainable Future

As a trained architect, James Munro Boon certainly knows how to design something practical and beautiful. But it wasn’t until he travelled to South Africa as part of his degree studies that he began to reconsider his aspirations. He spent six months designing and building a school in the township of Jouberton but soon realised that “the bit that made a school a school was missing – the school kits.”

After graduating university, James lived, worked and travelled throughout Asia. During his time in Cambodia, he met a local family and his passions that were sparked in South Africa started to take shape. Elephant Branded started with the words “Let’s just find some stuff lying around and make it into a bag.”

From these humble beginnings, it has grown into a social enterprise that supports children in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa as well as the local communities in Colombia and Cambodia that supply the materials.

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