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From Lonely to Loved

Loneliness is a very real global issue and more than one million of the Netherlands’ 2.6m-strong older people admit to struggling with feelings of isolation. Granny’s Finest transform social seclusion into social change, employing talented grannies to knit cosy accessories in an even cosier environment.

We love how every single hat, beanie, scarf, blanket, cushion and pair of mittens is made for warmth, comfort and longevity whilst also offering senior citizens unique opportunities for social interaction, collaboration in a social fashion brand and a sense of pride in their skills and life experience.

Timeless, trendy designs and quality craftsmanship infused with traditional techniques create authentic and beautiful products that transcend the generations and create a new social cohesion where young and old learn from one another in a dynamic environment.

Knitting a New Story

When you choose to purchase through One Good Thing and Granny’s Finest, you are helping to combat the issue of loneliness, which is believed to have effects as significant as smoking or poor nutrition on our health and wellbeing.

You will enjoy accessories handmade using the highest quality materials by skilled artisans who have mastered the crafts ofknitting and crocheting, while the grannies will enjoy socialising and making new friends through group trips and weekly knitting clubs where they can practice their hobby and work with creative young designers.

Every product is made with love and durable natural yarn from a brand that works to combat the rise of loneliness and the many associated health and wellbeing issues. Working in tandem with healthcare facilities, Granny’s Finest make a positive impact on the healthcare system by tackling the issue of loneliness in the early stages and raising awareness in a fun and accessible way.

Your Granny’s Finest item will keep you warm and comfy whilst giving older people a new purpose and value. With many of the grannies coming from families that traditionally made all their clothing by hand, this blend of dynamic young talent and vintage quality continues the story of handmade knits in a sustainable way and passes traditional skills down through the generations.

Sending the Right Message

In an apt beginning to the Granny’s Finest story, social entrepreneur Niek Hengel from Rotterdam first started considering the concept in a nursing home. Whilst visiting his grandmother, he got chatting to a lady who confided in him that knitting was her way of getting through the days. That same afternoon, Niek drove to a wool store and asked his grandma to make him a scarf.

Two weeks later, the first product was complete. Niek’s friend Jip Pulles was completing his degree and took the story as the starting point for his business plan. After participating inentrepreneurial competition Enterprize, they started their business by handing out flyers to (very surprised) grannies.

In just five years, Granny’s Finest has opened six bricks and mortar stores and developed a 300-strong production workforce of grannies across six Dutch cities. They even attended the exposition of Jean Paul Gaultier and made him a custom scarf for his birthday.

Working hand in hand with savvy younger designers, the grannies create beautiful products with a heartfelt mission. Each product comes with a small card and a message from the granny who made it with every buyer given the option to send a thank you postcard. Because the team at Granny’s Finest understand that friendship knows no bounds.

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