Half United

United We Stand

When you get into bed tonight, take a moment to consider the 840 million people around the globe who are falling asleep after another day without enough to eat. Half United sell products that blend a passion for compassion with a love for fashion, where every purchase funds feeding programs and helps to lift the burden on children for whom hunger pangs have become a part of daily life.

The US based brand offer luxurious jewellery that changes lives. They empower the consumer to support sustainable programs in marginalised communities. We love how every piece is both a fashion staple and a powerful symbol of the global fight against hunger.

half united fighting hunger necklace displayed on the ground
Haitian children helped by purchases from half united

Making A Meal Of It

When you make a purchase with One Good Thing and Half United, you are taking advantage of a rare opportunity to fight peacefully against world hunger using the clothes and jewellery that you choose to wear.

For every Half United product purchased, seven meals are given to a child in need as part of feeding programs in the USA, Cambodia, Fiji and Haiti. You will receive a luxury and timeless fashion piece made using the highest quality materials, ethical processes and a clean, classic aesthetic. Your purchase also represents how consumers can do their half and unite together with social enterprise to make lasting change in the lives of children and communities.

And the impact goes far beyond the food that you are providing to thousands of people every day. As a funding partner of the Food Bank and a volunteer partner at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, Half United work closely with organisations that support impoverished and marginalised communities with a focus on long-lasting sustainability.

Half United have funded after-school meal programs and the planting and maintenance of community gardens as well as the construction of bread ovens providing fresh grain whilst teaching local people a new trade to support and boost their economy. Your purchase makes this possible.

An Appetite For Change

Fresh from an internship with TOMS Shoes and inspired by the give-back model, Carmin Black joined forces with her brother, Christian, a creative college student making his own fashion accessories. Armed with just $200 and an ambition to create a fashion brand to help children in need, they found a symbol of their fight against hunger when a friend gave them a bag of discarded bullet casings. They drilled a hole in a bullet and put it on a chain – the Fighting Hunger necklace was born.

Raised by a pastor father who also owned his own carpentry business and an entrepreneurial mother who owned an interior design business and a restaurant, the siblings credit their homegrown values with providing the origins story for Half United.

Blending the values of fashion and philanthropy in a story of two halves united, the brand is now nine years old and the Fighting Hunger necklace remains an iconic piece. Uniting with people across the globe to make a positive impact, Half United support four major giving partners and opened their first bricks and mortar store in North Carolina in 2018. All of the jewellery manufacturing takes place in the USA with employees paid a fair wage, while they also employ local Haitians through Haiti Made, empowering them to provide for themselves and their families.

With more than 800,000 meals given to children in need to date through the work of Half United, it just goes to show that we should never do anything by halves.

the two co-founders of half united
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