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The Sound of Music

If you can’t imagine a life without music and sound, spare a thought for the 360 million people around the world suffering from hearing loss.

Based on the philosophy to “sound good, look good, do good,” US-born company LSTN creates beautifully designed and super-high-performance headphones and speakers, with proceeds going towards providing hearing aids to people in need worldwide through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

LSTN is focused on delivering headphones and speakers with outstanding sound that stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market. While you enjoy the highest quality audio and sleek, stylish products, your purchase is helping those around the world to enjoy the sound of music without any barriers.

LSTN in China providing hearing aids
model holding LSTN troubadour bluetooth headphones

“Sound Good, Look Good, Do Good”

With millions of people around the world unable to hear properly, many of them in developing countries, LSTN is using the power of sound to make a difference.

When you choose to purchase from One Good Thing and LSTN, you are making a decision that changes lives. While you receive headphones and speakers offering top quality audio and an exquisite design, you are investing into a company that operates the “buy one, give one” model with proceeds from your purchase invested into providing hearing aids to those in need.

 As co-founder Bridget says, “It really is the most rewarding job to be able to play music for a child that has never heard before and it makes the hard work we put into the company and products totally worth it when we see their eyes light up.”

Your LSTN products have all been created with a commitment to sustainability at the core as well as a dedication to offer products with a timeless, beautiful design. Wood sourced from furniture and flooring manufacturers and reclaimed wooden items from baseball bats, guitars and skateboards sit alongside vegan leather bands to offer sustainable, stylish and luxurious products.

Making Sweet Music

Bridget Hilton is a lady that knows a thing or two about the power of sound. After spending more than eight years working at Universal Music Group alongside artists including Kanye West and Taylor Swift, she was certainly what you’d call a high flier.

But her growing interest in social enterprise piqued when she chanced upon a YouTube video of a 20-something woman hearing for the very first time. “My life has always revolved around music, so I couldn’t imagine what [hearing loss] would be like,” Bridget explains. And this experience also encouraged her to ask the bigger questions. “’What am I doing with my life? Why am I working for someone else? Why am I not doing something to help other people?’”

Fueled by a passion for music and helping everyone in the world gain the opportunity to enjoy it, Bridget sat down at her kitchen table with friend Joe Duff to hash out some ideas. As part of the process, they did some research into organisations supporting hearing restoration. After discovering the Starkey Hearing Foundation, they decided to launch LSTN in 2012 to help fund their work.

“I started a company to contribute to their goal of changing the world through sound,” Bridget explained. “Music is the greatest thing in the world – everyone should be able to experience it.”

better hearing in Mexico with the help of LSTN
LSTN zebra wood fillmore bluetooth headphones

Vintage Design, New Technology

Blending a quality, vintage design with the newest technology and sound, LSTN’s products are designed in house with minute attention to detail. It took a full 12 months from design to release thanks to endless sound tests and samples because the company were determined to create a Bluetooth speaker sound that outperformed any other product on the market.

Thanks to Bridget’s music industry connections, the feedback from audiophiles, producers and artists at the top of their game created an exceptional final product. Starkey signed up immediately and the two companies collaborated on their marketing efforts.

LSTN officially launched online in April 2013. In just a few short years and in partnership with Starkey, they have given the power of sound to more than 25,000 people in six countries, working to promote the shared mission of global hearing awareness. They have also struck a chord with the big guys. Google have made an advert about the company and the team has made a number of international Starkey Hearing Missions to date to countries including Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

More Bluetooth products are currently in production as well as larger-scale international partnerships.  And so it seems that the power of sound is growing every day.

  • LSTN Fillmore wired headphones on a grey backgroundLSTN Fillmore wired headphones worn by model in sunshine

    Fillmore Wired Headphones

    365 AED

    Portable, eye-catching and durable, These headphones will ensure that your next great adventure has a soundtrack to match. Genuine Zebra wood casing and custom-built drivers mean that from the lowest lows to the highest highs, we’re confident you’ve never heard sound like this from headphones this size. Vegan leather ear pads provide incredible comfort and with a microphone, volume controls and a folding headband, you’re in full control and your favorite tunes will sound phenomenal wherever you are.

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  • LSTN Avalon earbuds in ebony woodbamboo LSTN Avalon earbuds on wooden table

    LSTN Avalon Wired Earbuds

    180 AED

    If you’re tired of cheap, plastic earbuds, join the growing number of people opting for these instead. Real ebony or Bamboo wood housings and a noise-free rubber cable provide a sound far beyond their price point.

    Specifically designed for your active lifestyle, the Avalon’s sweat-resistant coating means these earbuds can stand up to your toughest workouts and the no-rub cables are smooth, silent, and ideal for getting out and about. The in-line microphone allows you to stay connected while you stay active. The real wood housing provides excellent tonal balance with crisp highs and rich lows and each pair of Avalons comes with small, medium, and large silicon ear tips to make sure you find the perfect fit.

    Available in genuine ebony wood or bamboo versions.

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  • LSTN Bowery earbuds Zebra Woodmodel wearing LSTN bowery earbuds in ebony wood

    LSTN Bowery Wired Earbuds

    180 AED

    The bowery is LSTN’s original earbud. Hear the difference real wood housings make and take your tunes everywhere. Custom 8mm drivers and a nylon tangle-proof cable ensure that you’ve never heard earbuds that sound this good. Wood provides world-class sound in the best musical instruments; why not earbuds? Our real wood housing provides excellent tonal balance with crisp highs and rich lows. Each pair comes with small, medium, and large silicon ear tips to make sure you find the perfect fit. Also featuring an in-line microphone, meaning you can take calls effortlessly on the go.

    Available in Bamboo and Ebony Wood.

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  • zebra wood LSTN satellite speakerLSTN satellite bluetooth speaker in hand

    LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker

    365 AED

    This stylish speaker’s genuine wood casing ensures each one is unique and provides premium quality sound in a compact unit.  At less than 8 cm tall, you can really take it anywhere and with up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can always be the life and soul of the party. You can also take calls wherever you are without missing a beat with the built-in speakerphone capabilities.

    Available in Zebra Wood, Cherry Wood or Walnut casing.

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