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Black, White and Bamboo

While most of us take our vision for granted, the issue of sight is a prevalent one on a global scale. There are more than 600 million vision-impaired people around the world who lack access to basic eye care, but Panda Sunglasses are committed to changing those figures.

Offering high-end sunglasses and watches crafted from sustainable bamboo, a portion of all proceeds is used to fund eye and medical exams and provide prescription glasses or sunglasses to those in need. Collections are consistently updated with unique and striking designs for a product that stands out for quality and style.

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little girl having eye test with Optometry Giving Sight

Eyes Wide Open

Thanks to Panda’s partnership with Optometry Giving Sight, every time you choose to buy a pair of sunglasses you are providing free eye exams and prescription glasses to those in need across the globe. While you receive sustainable eyewear that is made to last, Optometry Giving Sight offer sustainable solutions with projects in 37 different countries serving more than 7 million people, training 14,000+ professionals and supporting 133 vision centres.

With 80% of all vision impairment correctable, lack of access is the most pressing issue. You will benefit from beautifully crafted, high quality eyewear with a meaningful story and a lifetime warranty, while proceeds from your purchase are used to provide medical training to local eye care professionals and establish vision centres for easier access to affordable eye care.

Chasing The Sun

For college student Vincent Ko, the moment that the first glimmers of Panda came to light was when he discovered cult brand TOMS. Inspired by their socially responsible model, the Georgetown University student and two of his friends turned their attention to eco-friendly sunglasses. “Clothing and shoes can be stand out pieces, but sunglasses are also a way of expressing yourself,” says Ko.

They posted their campaign on Kickstarter in autumn 2011 and smashed through their funding targets. After securing a spot at coveted trade show ENK in New York City, Panda caught the attention of three women who worked for Nordstrom. Within three months of completing the Kickstarter project, Panda was displayed in Nordstrom showrooms.

Today, Panda are recognised for their adventurous designs that use eco-friendly, lightweight bamboo material. The company has expanded from five to upwards of 25 designs including prescription sunglasses and bamboo watches that offer a unique blend of sustainable development and timeless style using a conscious supply chain at every step of the way.

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