Plan Toys

Out of the Forest and into the Toy Box

From their self-managed rubber tree plantation in the south of Thailand, PlanToys transform green values into sustainable play, saving trees destined to be firewood and creating a range of eco-friendly wooden toys to support child development.

Your children will benefit from environmentally conscious products that inspire their imagination and enhance growth with a solid, long-lasting design and stylish aesthetic. Every product is handmade from dying natural rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex, transforming their natural beauty and giving them a new purpose so that your children can enjoy the highest quality products and learn how to protect the environment for generations to come.

Wooden Wonderland

Your new wooden toys come with a clean conscience thanks to an eco-friendly manufacturing processes and a brand commitment to zero waste. Working with the PlanToys belief of “Better Kids for Better World,” you and your children will enjoy toys that look good, do good andinspire creative imagination, encouraging children to learn through free play and appreciate their closeness to the natural world.

Each one celebrates a respect for the environment and contributes towards a cleaner world for the next generation with a fully eco-friendly process and products made using organic rubberwood sourced from within a 19-mile radius of the brand’s manufacturing HQ.

An environmentally responsible and carbon-neutral process uses water-based dyes, organic colour pigments, non-formaldehyde glue made on-siteand recycled and recyclable materials. Your children will gain respect for the environment and understand the value of natural resources while enjoying engaging products that give something back to nature.

The Plan Toys admirable commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the supply chain. They are also well ahead of the game in being an equal opportunity employer and even have a biomass fuel plant at their factory to ensure that much of the minimal waste produced in the factory is immediately turned back into usable fuel.

Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable Mind

Inspired by the rubber wood trees of his youth, Vitool Viraponsavan graduated with a degree in architecture and a mission to bring positive change to the world. In a bid to celebrate sustainability, he launched PlanToys in 1981 with a range of educational wooden toys designed to inspire childhood development and imagination in the formative years.

In the past 30 years, the Thailand-based brand has continued to expand their collections with brand partners across Asia, America, Europe and Australia. As part of celebrating a commitment to sustainability, innovation and the highest standards of quality and design, PlanToys has won multiple awards and enjoyed a collaboration with French design school École Camondo to produce toys that promote the discovery of nature.

The Plan Toys philosophy and commitment to sustainability continue to be shared through their environmentally conscious toys that support learning at every phase.

  • Dancing Alligator

    Made from sustainable wood
    £ 20

    This charming fellow will dance along the ground whilst being pulled along. The wooden pieces also make a distinctive rhythmic clicking sound as the wooden pieces knock together on their journey. The alligator encourages children to walk, develop agility, muscle strength and eye-hand coordination.

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  • Happy Puppy

    Made from sustainable wood
    £ 20

    A cute pull along dog with soft ears and a wiggly walk that will delight your child and also encourage walking and help to develop motor skills.

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  • Marble Run Deluxe

    Made from sustainable wood
    £ 39

    Who doesn’t love building a marble run? There’s something deep in the fabric of human nature that loves to see a marble make its merry way down a chute of your own making. When the marble run in question is bright, colorful, well designed and made entirely of sustainable wood like this one, the effect is even bigger. Suitable for kids aged 3 to….70ish. Hours of entertainment guaranteed.

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  • Pull-Along Snail

    Made from sustainable wood
    £ 20

    This enchanting snail will capture you and your children’s heart as he follows you around. The clever creeping movement is great to watch. If that weren’t enough, he will also help to develop speed, agility, muscle strength and hand-eye co-ordination in your child. Name me another snail that can do all that!

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