Women For Women

Standing proudly at the crossroads of Fairtrade, luxury and fashion, SeeMe was born in the streets of Tunis with a vision to help and improve conditions for women across the country. The brand has grown up to become an exclusive fashion hub offering heart-shaped jewellery and accessories handmade by women who have endured violence and lived to tell the tale. Every piece nourishes both body and soul with exclusive luxury, designer-style jewellery and accessories that replace violence with love and a dark past with a bright future.

Successful Designs and Beautiful Jewels

When you purchase a piece of jewellery from SeeMe and One Good Thing, you are choosing to transform the lives of women who have the odds stacked against them. You will receive handcrafted jewellery and accessories of the highest style and beauty.

You will also receive the knowledge that you are investing into a company that employs women, often single mothers, and gives them a safe place when they have nowhere else to turn.

Every single woman making jewellery with SeeMe has suffered violence and many have been ostracized from their communities, but your purchase is giving them a livelihood. While you receive a piece of beautiful jewellery handmade using ancient Tunisian techniques, the SeeMe women learn the craft of jewellery making to secure work for themselves and a future for their families.

Your purchase is also supporting the ethical fashion movement where a transparent production chain and ethical working standards sit alongside locally produced authentic pieces that tell the story of the country they come from. Traditional craftsmanship and timeless pieces are celebrated over fast fashion as part of a brand working to transform stereotypes of Fairtrade from hippy chic to luxury chic.

Out Of Africa

After almost two decades of reporting on women’s conditions in the Middle East and North African regions, including assignments for the European Commission and a number of UN agencies, Caterina Occhio had seen enough. The development aid manager witnessed firsthand the intense struggles that single mothers faced in work, marriage and society at large, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Caterina launched SeeMe in Tunis in 2013 as a safe haven to support the socio-economic migration of those who have emerged from women’s shelters into a society that waits around for no-one. Every woman receives a safe environment, training and secure work positions and the SeeMe brand continues to grow and strive.

They champion ethical fashion through both their own collections and collaborations with esteemed global fashion brands including Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni and Tommy Hilfiger in a bid to celebrate ethical sourcing procedures. Their #heartmovement has gone worldwide where SeeMe clients wear the heart to replace violence with love and they were chosen as brand of the year by UN initiative Fashion4Development.

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