Wild Wood

Planting for the Future

Blending an authentic passion for the outdoor lifestyle with a commitment to raising awareness of environmental issues and endangered species, Dubai-based company Wild Wood sell watches that give back in a unique way.

By creating accessories that are steeped in the environment in every sense from their eco-friendly materials and with items named after an endangered or critically endangered species from the WWF list, the Wild Wood collections transform our future by raising awareness of key issues.

sapo wooden watch on one good thing

One Tree At A Time

For every product sold, Wild Wood and their team of ambassadors plant a tree to help protect and conserve forests around the globe for future generations. By choosing to purchase from Wild Wood and One Good Thing, you will receive a characterful, stylish timepiece whilst doing your part to increase awareness about environmental issues that will change our world for future generations.

You will enjoy an item where every element has been finished with the finest attention to detail. Each item is handmade by talented craftsmen using high-end design and reclaimed and recycled materials including carbonized bamboo and walnut wood to offer both a choice of stylish finishes and further increase environmental awareness.

As a lifestyle brand focused on nature and the outdoors, Wild Wood aim to inspire people to take on new adventures and make the most of our natural environment. This means that your purchase is both a stylish and long-lasting item as well as an important driver to support key environmental initiatives. When you purchase your watch, a tree is planted to help recalibrate the impact of deforestation whilst helping forest to produce clean water, enjoy a natural air filter and regulate the global climate whilst supporting nature and local communities.

From The Wild

While wooden watches are not an entirely new concept in sustainable shopping, Wild Wood founder and Dubai resident Luke Morris recognised a gap in the market in his UAE surrounds.  “I felt like there was an opportunity to create a unique brand for this region that focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly materials,” he says.

After turning his attention away from a decades-long successful career working as a digital account manager for global corporations, Luke set up the company in summer 2015. Word of Wild Wood spread like wildfire with Instagram playing a major role in increasing visibility.

This impact led to a game changing collaboration with The Nature Conservancy in September 2016 and Wild Wood’s participation in the Plant a Billion campaign, aiming to raise funds to plant one billion trees by 2025. Thanks to a shared passion for the outdoor lifestyle, Wild Wood have also teamed up with Corona to provide an exclusive style of wooden sunglasses modelled on the popular Yangtze Porpoise and raise awareness of sustainable fashion.

wild wood on One Good Thing
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