Wyatt and Jack

An Extra Bit of Bounce

They say that life’s a beach and for Isle-of-Wight based business Wyatt & Jack, this is a motto to hold dear. Taking the people of Great Britain and the iconic seaside culture as inspiration, their accessories collections work to keep those happy memories alive every day of the year whilst supporting zero waste initiatives and major environmental projects.

Wyatt & Jack take beach deckchair canvas, beach fabrics and bouncy castle vinyl PVC that are headed for the scrap heap and transform them into bright, colourful and stylish bags that are made to last.

Wyatt and Jack-Bouncy Castle Tote-Yellow and Orange

Nostalgia and New Beginnings

With close to 14 tonnes of fabric recycled to date, every purchase from Wyatt & Jack directly supports a brand which directs plastic-based products, that will never decompose, away from landfill and towards a new lease of life. Your Wyatt & Jack bag tells a nostalgic story of its past beach life and a new tale of sustainability.

Your purchase is directly helping to reduce unmanageable levels of global waste by supporting a carbon neutral brand focused on repurposing worn-out materials and reviving fabrics from a bygone era. Your purchase works to create a new image of upcycling and redefine the concept of luxury at all ends of the scale. Every piece is made to stand the test of time with hard-wearing fabrics and striking designs. As brand founder Georgia says, “There shouldn’t be a difference in finish between something that’s repurposed and something that’s made new.”

Every bag bought from Wyatt & Jack invests valuable support into a variety of sustainable initiatives. While you enjoy resilient, unique and beautiful accessories, the impact of your Wyatt & Jack purchase is felt across the globe – most recently, in a collaboration with Mossy Earth where the team are working with local planters in Portugal to prevent the spread of summer wildfires and create a rich biodiverse environment for local wildlife.

Splashes of Colour

Georgia Wyatt-Willsmore has always had a desire to tell stories and keep memories alive. “Since I was a teenager, I wanted to push fabrics… make them do things that they weren’t originally intended for,” she says. “I love seeing things that would usually be discarded, turned into something colourful and useful.”

Her teenage aspirations have now become reality.

It all began when Georgia shared a pottery workshop with Norman – her friend’s father and an avid beach concessionaire who hired out equipment to beachgoers at Sandown. When he tasked her with dismantling old sunbeds from the 1970s so that he could replace the covers, the yellow PVC material came home with her.

Georgia simply felt it was a shame to waste this material that had survived 30 years on the beach with no sign of giving up. She made herself a bag out if the fabric – and “it just grew from there.” Products made using deckchair canvas and bouncy castle vinyl followed, and a loan from the Isle of Wight Lottery scaled the business up.

Local seamstresses are now employed to fulfil orders and the collections include eight unique bags made using a range of salvaged materials in every colour of the rainbow from tangerine or sand to apple or sunshine. Each bag includes a label inside from the beach that they came from, preserving both materials and memories.

Wyatt and Jack-Stories-Face Shot
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