Give. Better. Gifts.

What’s the big idea?

There’s no shortage of options in this world when it comes to buying gifts. Many people would argue that there are too many. So why on earth would we introduce another one? Why should anyone shop with One Good Thing?

Well, for a start. we promise that for everything you buy, something good will happen in the world. Your gift may mean that a tree gets planted, it may mean that harmful plastic is removed from the oceans, or it may have been made by a survivor of human trafficking, but it will make a real difference.

Our partners are each carefully selected for a few factors: First and foremost it has to be a good quality, well designed and well-made product that someone would be proud to own regardless of any other factor. Secondly, it needs to show a direct and tanglble impact and aim to solve a visible problem

And lastly it should be awesome.

We Sell Gifts That Give 3 Times…

  1. You feel good about buying a gift that really matters
  2. They feel good about receiving something with meaning
  3. It genuinely makes a difference to causes around the world that need your support


That doesn’t often happen with panic-bought gift vouchers…

We Aren’t A Charity.

We’re all for charities but we aren’t one. We are a for-profit social enterprise supporting other social enterprises across the world. Our belief is that this model offers an effective solution for many of the issues we see in the world today and can solve problems that charity alone cannot address.

Article 22 – Transformation Story – Loss to Gain

Inspired By A Rude Awakening

We don’t live in a tent or walk the world barefoot, we sometimes buy things that we don’t technically need and we don’t drive solar powered cars. We aren’t eco-warriors.

We didn’t start this business to preach, We started it because we got scared:

One of our co-founders; Bridgett was diagnosed with cancer in early 2016 shortly after giving birth. It was a scary time but everyone came through the other side with a realization that time is not guaranteed and that if you have an idea, you might as well go for it. Perhaps it was time to do things a little differently.

The idea was simple enough; to support innovative, sustainable social enterprises around the world, give them a platform to expand their reach. To help them grow and to ultimately support their causes by making it easy for people to find all these great eco-friendly and socially conscious gifts that are out there. The only question was, would anyone go for it?

Well, only you can answer that…

  • Jenga Ocean

    Made from fishing nets
    215 AED

    Let’s face it, everyone loves playing Jenga. This special edition is made entirely from recycled fishing nets and is now available through One Good Thing.  It takes over 25 square feet of fishing net to create one of these sets, so that’s 25 feet of net that you’ve saved from polluting the ocean simply by buying this great game. When you consider that 10% of all ocean plastic is made up of fishing nets, this is a great way to make an impact.


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  • Story Bomb Silver Pendant

    Clears minefields in Laos
    350 AED

    A real conversation starter that’s equally stylish on a man or a woman, this bomb metal ‘peace bomb’ pendant on 26 inch sterling silver ball chain is engraved with the message ‘PEACEBOMB – DROPPED + MADE IN LAOS”

    Made in Laos from Vietnam War-era bombs, plane parts, and other aluminum scrap, each Peacebomb is hand poured and cast in wood and ash moulds.

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  • Tiny Branded Cuff

    Made by trafficking survivors
    120 AED

    This unisex BRANDED Collection cuff is hand-crafted, polished, finished and stamped with its entirely unique number in Nashville, USA by a survivor of human trafficking. Each piece will contain individual markings and qualities along with its personal number.

    Available in Brass and Copper.

    They are 1/4 inch wide (0.6 cm) and 6 inches long (15.2 cm)

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  • Troubadour Wireless Headphones

    Provides hearing aids
    660 AED

    The signature headphones of the LSTN range. These headphones have amazing sound quality with style to spare. The genuine wood casings provide excellent tonal balance with crisp highs and rich lows.

    The redesigned headband features a vegan leather ear pads and head-band for additional comfort. They support Bluetooth 4.1, which means you can stream high-quality audio from your phone, laptop, TV or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away.

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