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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – (Maya Angelou)

Behind every good brand is an even better story. After years spent working in the corporate world, life took an unexpected turn when one of our team was diagnosed with cancer.

We took some time out which led to reminiscing on the most exciting events of our lives so far. One of Bridgett’s standout memories was a trip to Asia when she bought a bracelet made using metal from old bullets. It was a meaningful purchase that still resonated years later.

This recollection sparked our excitement and fanned the flames of a new business idea. We wanted to create a platform where good quality products that tell genuine stories are the norm and not the exception. We are passionate about spending our time to create something significant, and we knew it could be done.

So, Bridgett’s illness happened, we dealt with it and it gave us the tenacity to do what we really wanted. It was exciting to face the challenge head on and fulfil the task of creating authenticity in our saturated, modern world.

It felt like the time had come to leave behind fear of failure and fear of judgement. One Good Thing was born.

“Buy Good Things from Good People”

Our platform shares the best stories and most exquisite products, gadgets and gifts that the world has to offer. We shine a light on fantastic innovators from every corner of the globe that create high-end, quality and sustainable products with a social conscience.

One Good Thing breaks down the stigma surrounding sustainable products. While it’s not always easy to find products that are luxurious, beautiful and ethical too, giving back can be high end. We have the platform to prove it.

Every product that we offer is of exceptionally high quality. They are designed for global consumers who wish to gain easy access to unique, stylish products that make a difference. Our platform helps everyone to do a good thing by supporting real people and helping local communities to thrive.

One Good Thing-Mike


A Story to Tell

We bring together customers and creators by telling authentic stories that everyone can understand. From the creators to the buyers, every single person in our supply chain is doing their part to bring good to the world.

With our decision to create this platform and do one good thing, this paves the way for many more good things to happen around the world. It shows the incredible impact that we can all make with our everyday choices.

Thank you for joining us.

Bridgett and Mike
Co-founders, One Good Thing

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